Join Us in Our Mission – Making Dreams Come True

We are talent scouts. The Dream Come True Foundation identifies high potential individuals and families who are on the edge of success. 
They have a dream, they have taken steps to achieve their goals, but need assistance to make their dream a reality. We provide that assistance. We do not simply give money to recipients, we truly partner with them in a relationship. Together we walk across the bridge from poverty to the middle class over a period of one to four years. We make sure our dream achievers are firmly rooted in their new life of success.

What the recipient can expect from us.
The recipient can expect our commitment to do everything possible to realize their dream. We will give our time, commitment, financial resources and love to achieve the commitment. There are no tests regarding race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. The recipient can expect our respect and belief in who they are and in their life potential.

What the board, donors and supporters can expect from us.
We expect a candidate that has already shown their ability to move their lives forward. Our recipient will not be problem free, any more than we or our children are free from problems. They will show themselves ready to move forward by being drug free and without addiction abuse of any kind. They will have a defined dream that is doable in one to four years and have the skills and abilities to achieve these goals. They, as we, must be willing to help others less fortunate than themselves. The dream achievers must agree to pay it forward and reach a hand back into service of others.